On this page, you'll find opportunities to participate in research studies at UARC. Generally, this means that you'll be asked to use a website, application, or device, and provide feedback on it (the product is being evaluated, not the participant).

Website Usability Study

Please complete our Eligibility Questionnaire if you are interested in participating in this study.

  • When: Sessions are currently being scheduled for mid-November, 2017
  • Participation Eligibility: 18+ years of age, uses the Internet regularly, has recent experience with looking at online academic journal articles, and one of the following:
    • Screen Reader Users: Blind or other visual impairment, uses a screen reader regularly
    • Adults with Limited Dexterity: Moderate or limited strength/use of their hands and arms
  • Study/Task: Give feedback on a digital library resource in a one-on-one session
  • Compensation: $100 for a 90- minute session
  • Where: Kellogg Center, 219 S. Harrison Rd., East Lansing, MI (parking passes will be provided for participants)
  • Contact Jen Ismirle (517-353-8977 or to schedule a session or for more information