UARC staff regularly publish scholarly journal articles, book chapter, and present at conferences around the world. Visit our Publications page for a complete list.

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We regularly collaborate with faculty and researchers from a variety of disciplines to design and develop usable and accessible interfaces for today's technology. We also disseminate critical usability and accessibility information through publications, educational programming, workshops, and symposia.

Ways to Collaborate

  • MSU UARC staff can serve as principal investigators (PIs), subcontractors, or consultants
  • UARC can assist in the development of grant proposals or be brought in after a grant has been received

Common Research Services

  • Research projects involving websites, mobile apps, and software
  • Usability studies, focus groups, and surveys to evaluate user needs
  • Generate design requirements and determine the effectiveness of a website or application
  • Evaluate compliance with grant requirements regarding the accessibility of websites, applications, documents, and other project deliverables
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Opportunities for Students

UARC supports graduate and undergraduate education by employing students who gain real-world experience in planning and performing user experience studies and accessibility compliance evaluations.

Recent Research Areas

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