MSU Usability/Accessibility Research and Consulting (UARC) is a worldwide leader in conducting research to improve the experiences of a diverse range of users on websites, mobile apps, software, and other technologies. UARC works with clients from business, government, academia, and community organizations, and collaborates with faculty and researchers from a variety of disciplines on grants. UARC specializes in accessibility compliance evaluations against international standards, accessibility policy and strategy, and user experience methodologies, including usability evaluations, expert reviews, user focus groups, information architecture redesigns, and surveys. UARC is a department of University Outreach and Engagement.

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    Our staff combines decades of experience to bring practical, research-based expertise to your usability and accessibility issues.
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    Our Clients & Partners
    UARC has a wide range of industry, government, and academic clients, in addition to consulting, research, and event partners.
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    UARC's practice is built on the principles of User-Centered Design (UCD), where the user's point of view is critical to every stage of the development process.
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    UARC Press Releases
    Read about past, present and future UARC events, along with occasional publications.